CHAPTER 2.1 – The secret scent in mastery

I always put the scent of flower to top priority when starting up the new flower-design collections.

Almost of wholeness of Asian flowers carry such distinctively alluring scents. Individuals navigates you to discover the hidden stories behind such as the growing temperature, the survival ambience, level of raindrop and humidity to grow strongly and beautifully, of which resulted to different set of scent you are able to smell. Undoubtedly, flower scent becoming our key ingredient in designing and procedure.

Blending a great various scents of flowers is a pure of joy we love. The greater number of experiment and variety of flowers I conduct, the more sophisticated and intrigued I experience, and that always bringing me such amazing and taking me to the unknown discovery.

Likelihood to my sets of collections, you are invited to embrace the entire distinctiveness of collective experiences, definitely bunch of peace of mind and empowering living.

Scent is taking you to past, present and future of memory.



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