“The wind blow, the Jasmine caught it flow.

Gentle scent in every breath, remained senses in an everlasting memory.”

Jasmine (as known as MA-LI in Thai) spotted somewhere nostalgia in my childhood memory since then. Becoming the magnificent Thai flower garland literally opted for such a supreme neatness in a skill of hands committed to mastery of craftsmanship. 

Long been told, the legendary of making-Thai flower garland never dealt with the physical appeal only, but also considered most importantly, whom about to receive, whom we care and cherish with wholeheartedly.

” Mesmerized by the scent of jasmine all in the air, and what’s left at your fingertips was beyond incomparable “

SARRAN in written.
the traditional
Thai secret of
Jasmine scent to
exceptional mastery.

Years by years, I have been watching my late grandma working on her flower garland to complete her morning merit and night pray routine. Being witnessed to the manifesto of her woman’s touch and charm with her everyday Jasmine was apparently urged to realize this was the hallmark moment of seeing anything in slower move in your peace of mind, nonetheless the world out there spinning fast.

” Keeping your “Ma-li” flower in your heart
while remaining the secret scent in
your soul for eternity.”

Flow your soul with a touch of “Ma-li” flower from our latest SARRAN masterpieces.



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