CHAPTER 1.3 – Woman with Purpose

Lastly but empowering “03” source of inspiration is a women, they are both graceful and intellectual even though they are unwillingly branded as vulnerable and fragile in parallel.

Their emotional touch through fingertips considered as mastery of art of all over past decades and we all witnessed and definitely inspired according to their great variety of art forms and objects. The pursuit of tranquility and peace of mind are all the reason behind of theirs, as to set the balance of life and sustainable growing.

These 3 sources of inspirations played majority in every definitions of my work. I continue to hold the strong belief that a flower does not only display the sake of beauty but also the Asian philosophy convincing to set balance to life and rest of soul.

Flower addresses philosophy, not only beauty,

Culture and history becomes the treasure of the future,

Women, besides from their magnificence, essentially role as creator and inspirer to the world we dwelling.

I have been grateful for those and embraced with all my heart and soul to achieve the pursuit of creating the art-to-wearable pieces for better livings.



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