Gift Set | VANILLA BLUE Doughnut Diffuser | “Vanilla Doughnut and Made In Soul scent” 5mL each x 2

THB 1,500.00

Description & Details

X’Mas Gift Set | Doughnut Air Diffuser | “Vanilla Doughnut and Made In Soul” scent 5mL each x 2

In order to join us the sensational celebration to Christmas festive season, we are introducing the new air diffuser to create your room ambience more fun and rejoicing than ever.

With great collaboration with one-of-the-most-renowned-toast-of-the-town doughnut brand “Drop By Dough”, we are co-creating the “Air Doughnut Diffuser” bringing you the joyful journey of having a piece of lovely vanilla doughnut with a cup of freshly roasted coffee on the table.


1 gift box set containing 

  • Doughnut ceramic in 2-color variety | vanilla Blue or icing White (upon your selection)
  • 5 mL of “Vanilla doughnut” spray bottle
  • 5 mL of “Made In Soul” spray bottle


Direction of Use

  • Spraying the air perfume on the surface of doughnut ceramic
  • Doughnut ceramic functioned to diffuse into the air through evaporation – giving the room its fragrance.
  • Suggested to spray with good mix of “vanilla doughnut and Made-In-Soul” scent
  • With 4-spray use a time, the fragrance lasts up to 4 hours.

Coffee-experience scents are managed to design your sense of soul space in everyday anytime. Individual characters carry the different level of roasted coffee essence which evokes a pure moment of freshness, vibrating yet peacefulness.


Caution: The fragrance is designed for home use only, prohibited to personal skin use.



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