“RAK” A Touch

When you are in love, let this crown flower placed near your heart

‘cause only a pure love grows its own.

Personally, crown Flower (as known as Dok-Rak in Thai) has meant something extraordinary places in my heart and soul. Let me give you a throwback time then when I was young enjoyed practicing to make such a beautiful Thai flower garland with my late grandma.

Initially, the longest hours to process the garland seemed appeared to when I put my mind focusing on the exactly same size of every single Jasmine coming together as main part of circular garland, I thought it was most important as it sounds, but it wasn’t.

Manifesto of Thai architecture navigated my visionary of art.

After the countless effort I did realize what consumed most of the time surprisingly turnouts that working on the garland bunch tail (as known as U-Ba in Thai) where connected from main part and displayed with Crown flower as the extended tail becoming the most intrigued and meaningful parts of all.

Here it began with a genuinely hand-picked process of the Crown flower from bud size to bloom size in all perfection. One by one, deliberately putted them through needles and threads so as to complete the first piece and many more after.

Graceful shape, precise number of crown flowers at each and set of series carried a blissful meanings according to traditional belief and state of art.    

Metaphorically, making-of-Thai flower garlands conveyed with a message of life lesson. Let’s portray your life as the main circular garland, truly performed the beauty in whole absolute of everything as what life moved on in every day. On the other hands, the garland bunch tails seemed needlessly in function, but without it, the entire presentation remained imbalanced and unpleasant for certainty. Likewise, life did need so.

U-Ba, individually stood out to me to symbolize the “Love” as which completed my life and illustrated the grace of everyday living.

Who does you “Rak” calling you ?



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