A Chinese Kingfisher-feather hair pin
Inherited from the hand of my late grandmother
Time flies by over hundred years
Treasured still at its own stories in mesmerizing. ”  

her hidden simple piece opened up
the giant door to
oriental sensation.

Unexpectedly discovering in my late grandma’s boudoir, my eyes were spotted with little boxes of jewelry all over places.

It would have been somewhat ordinary, only if her hidden gems of hair pin, ravishingly made of Kingfisher feathers had been found by chance. As far as I recalled, this whole story was still remained vague to me.

What literally captivating my soul was the mastery of such a craftsmanship into every elements of its own piece, hand-picked to feather by feather shaping up to the timeless elegant and impeccable pin in blue color.

According to my Chinese study, this jewelry pin called Tian-tsui (點翠), deliberately designed for both purpose, firstly as the social status claim in old days of Chinese and secondly, preserved to royal dynasty, highly ranked from the Empress to available commoner later on.

Some references mentioned Chinese cultural background had dealt with Khmer inspiration.

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