CHAPTER 3.0 – The era of International empowering / Lisa

LISA first single, album “ LALISA”

With an intensive mastery of work dedicated to her great debut of LALISA and the dimensional side of her personality reflected as the flower of Lisa to “Cape Jasmine” or “Pood-Sorn flower” in Thai,  the prosperity and empowerment within Thai traditions. Lisa, she will always be on the path of incredible legendary and ever, as the piece of Cape jasmine flower growing and blossoming to eternity.

In addition, Sangwan necklace (breast necklace) was apparently inherited since the great old days of Thais symbolizing the rich of fortune. Perfectly fits Thai contemporary dress designed by “Asava”

Photo: courtesy of BLACKPINK youtube channel

Celebrating her legendary and remarkable exquisite performance with our masterpieces.



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