CHAPTER 2.3 – Perfuming in precious

Last step, this is a tricky part of traditional Thai wise. With the perfuming container is much of sophistication and highly old-fashion effectiveness to my work. Back in the end of King Rama V kingdom, woman of Thai courts routinely scent their bunch of clothes and textiles in wooden perfuming containers for alluring scent purpose.

Every time I actually open up, those good-old-day memories sprayed all over places with remembrance of my late grandma.

Prior to process, the well preparation required

– Entirely bunch of fresh flowers, the dry out in no-direct-sunlight ambience.

– Extracted essential oil (referred earlier)

– Designated unique U-shape candle

Perfuming process regularly repeats 4 times for long lasting performance to your nose and ultimate pleasure.

Though the smoke fades away, the scent remained blossom at your fingertips and nose.



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