CHAPTER 1.1 – my 05:09am appreciation

05:09am a minute of perfection – inspiration No.01

The “01” source of inspiration apparently derived from the traditional Thai flower and its own shape for everyday home decoration and Asian expression of manner in symbolic styles.

When times flies by, the culture and journey of life evolved vividly through the eyes and social movement, it has brought me to such a perfect time to study the history of Thai flower from Ayuthaya era to Rattanakosin era. The art of natural shape, magnificent color and at its own purpose for a reason giving the great impact to everyday life is realized to intrigue me the most.

Remarkably, Asian flower considering one of the most unique and individually characteristic in the apparent area of tenderness, fragility, texture and alluring scent. Believe it or not, at every growing stages of flower secretly allowing you to envisage the weather, condition and ambience in your mind.

In particular, we officially announced “No.05.09” as SARRAN signature color. It literally appeared when 5:09am becoming my perfect time to pick my flowers, surprisingly I find it at most fresh and impeccable scent among any other times. Imagine how tough its survival to been through during the middle of the night with heavy moisture and coldness in order to embrace the first light of the morning.

No.05.09 marked the color statement
since 1982



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