“U.BA MA-LEE” Spiritual Perfume

THB 2,380.00

Description & Details

“Gentle at Fingertips,
Craftsmanship in Hands,
Stay Calm and Breathe,
Welcome to a Small World with Peace of Mind.”

Sarran Youkongdee


Mr. Sarran continues the legend of the “Art-To-Wear” statement ascending to “Perfume-To-Wear” as he gets closer to the visionary of inspiration from magnificent Asian Flowers.

Introducing the new line “Spiritual Perfume – A Spirit of Asian Blossoms”



Thais have taken advantage of her inherent beauty to conduct natural adornment to the body and hair since the merging of woman and flower. The truly savvy would extract the specific aroma of flower and potpourri into essential oil for her skin and daily clothing. Women were analogized to brilliant flowers, and knowledge was analogized to scent extraction, displaying the genuinely wise character of women in those days.


Main Accord :
Top Notes:  The freshness from Jasmine leaf and dewdrop at precisely 05.09 am.

Middle Notes: A morning cool aroma from a jasmine stem at your fingertips and a warm touch from your hands.

Base Notes: Distinct scents at each of every Jasmine blooms.


Eau de Parfum Spray

Size : 30 ML.



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